Check out Dylan Sprayberry having fun on the set of Teen Wolf with Orny Adams in Stiles’s jeep well they are also making faces while in stiles’s jeep and Dylan Sprayberry is flexing his muscles while in the first picture has some words of sarcasm and also Dylan Sprayberry and Tyler Posey and Mason Dye just chillin in a trailer on the teen wolf set also some lacrosse pictures of Mason Dye and Dylan Sprayberry and also Tyler Posey and Dylan O’Brien  and of course TPose is smiling in tht lacrosse pic  We also Dylan Sprayberry, Mason Dye and Khylin Rhambo where Khylin Rhambo is putting bunny ears over Dylan Sprayberry’s head in the pic while in the last pic Khylin Rambo and Dylan Take another pic and Khylin Rhambo does some sort of sign while Dylan Sprayberry makes a face

Well as u can see a lot has happened this past MOONDAY like Sean breaking through a window and jumping out of it and running to the hospital and falling on the floor meanwhile Scott and Stiles are at lacrosse tryouts and Scott says at least we don’t have to worry about losing our lacrosse positions on the team then stiles says I’m not so sure about tht looking at Liam Then Stiles says to Scott I hate this kid then they both pick up lacrosse sticks and Scott uses his werewolf powers on the field which lands Liam in the hospital meanwhile Derek is trying to figure out why his eyes are suddenly yellow in other words what happened to his eyes while Lydia helps malia with math or algebra in this case because Malia doesn’t get it while you see Sean and he is a windigo and he also has a lot of blood on him while in the last picture you see a mouth less guy putting a finger by wear his mouth should be supposedly saying shhhhh”!!!!!!!!!!!